Internet Use Contract
This Internet Use Contract can be used to make sure both parents and children are on the same page about appropriate Internet use.

Family Cell Phone Contract
Use this Cell Phone Contract to lay the groundwork for safe and responsible cell phone usage.



Cyberbullying Scenarios
Engage your children or students in a discussion about cyberbullying by reading them these scenarios and asking them how they would handle each situation.


Cyberbullying Crossword Puzzle
What do you know about cyberbullying? Complete this crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.


Cyberbullying Word Find
Have fun and promote learning by finding these words related to cyberbullying.


Cyberbullying Report Card for Schools
How well does your school deal with cyberbullying issues? Fill out this Report Card to find out.


Cyberbullying Incident Tracking Form
Use this to track individual incidents of cyberbullying that occur at your school.


Cyberbullying Trustee Designation
Post this on your office door or in your classroom to let your students know that you take cyberbullying seriously and can help them if they need it!